Welcome to ByWhere

A Libre Service

A set of comprehensive and well integrated
Location Oriented
Libre Internet Application Services

Based on Pure Free Software
Reproducible, Modifiable, Redistributable.

Provided and supported by Neda Communications, Inc.

The ByWhere Services are a showcase demonstration of the Location Oriented aspect of our Vision for Libre Internet Application Services.

Fixed objects (houses, offices, restaurants, apartments, ...) are each assigned a unique Internet Domain address. Information and communication related to that location is then facilitated through that Internet Domain. ByWhere provides a set of Free Software facilities which can either be hosted or distributed to provide a set of rich and consistent capabilities for that location.

ByWhere Domain Designations

By way of example, the ByWhere domain address for the Free Software Foundation office is 1-02111-1307-80.bywhere.net

Country Code Zip Code Zip+4 Code Delivery Point
1 02111 1307 80

You can get the bywhere codes from USPS. By entering:

59 Temple Place - Suite 330
Boston, MA

you drive all the codes for 1-02111-1307-80.bywhere.net and build http://1-02111-1307-80.bywhere.net.

ByWhere Services and Offerings

Given the ByWhere domain base for a house or office, you can profit from all the ByWhere services:

Advertized: For Rent

Western Washington (1-98zzz) area

1 BDR + loft, 1050 sqft. condominium - $ 950/month + utilities 1-98034-3681-79

Advertized: For Sale

Western Washington (1-98zzz) area

Public Info

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